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Children's Classes

Petite Picasso’s Pre-K / 3-4 years old


This class was developed for preschoolers combining literacy and fine art.  Children will work in different mediums learning the basics of art. Your child will create original works of art based on a stories read in class.  


Mini Masters K-2 grade


In this class students will explore a wide range of materials and art Concepts.  Focused on hands on exploration. Students will complete a masterpiece in these sessions!


Dynamic Da Vinci’s 3-5 grade


Students will continue their exploration using various mediums: Pencil, paint, oil pastels, watercolor, as well as mixed media.  Students will come home with a work of art worthy for your walls!


Art Exploration 6-7grade


In this class students will build on their skills while learning new techniques and styles to further develop their artwork. Individual exploration and creativity are encouraged.


Exploration in studio art 8-10 grade


Students will strengthen their own skills set while learning new techniques; styles and mediums to further develop their individual art style.


Portfolio Prep 10-12 Grade


For the serious art student we provide advanced art training. This class will give them advanced training in building a portfolio worthy of college applications.  Students build knowledge on prior artistic skill and creativity.  Constructive criticism and advice is given to students looking to develop their portfolio.  AP Art help also available.


All classes run for 8-week sessions meeting

Once a week for 90 minutes.

Cost $200 for each session.  All materials and supplies included in fee

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